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Call for papers

Special issue of the journal Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law

(Ukrainian peer-reviewed open access journal, http://phtl.nlu.edu.ua)

Law in War: Phenomenological Perspectives


This special issue is inspired by the digital workshop of the same name hosted by Sophie Loidolt. We invite both workshop participants and other authors to reflect on what the experience of law in times of war is. Is it the absence, suspension, or silence of law in face of unknown violence and a constant state of exception? Or does law remain an experience of everydayness in human interaction and a promise against war?

In legal theory, the relation between law and war is a long-standing topic, as is the normativity of law, which asserts its own domain of “ought” against a domain of “being.” But if we consider law not as an object of our knowledge or technical domination, but as something that happens to us in the world, i.e., from a phenomenological point of view, the intertwined dimensions of validity and facticity manifest themselves in the experience and existence of human beings who live together, in peace and war.

The aim of the issue is to describe, conceptualize, and analyze the structure and essence of these experiences in their concretely situated and transcendent dimensions between law and lawlessness. We intend to ask how, from this phenomenological perspective, law relates to war, and focus on how phenomenological tools, concepts, and methods can help us up approach and better understand the phenomenon of law in war.


Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2023. Before October 1, please confirm your intention to contribute.